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Welcome to the Radmind wiki. To edit this wiki, you must login using your University of Michigan uniqname or friend account. Friend accounts are free to anyone with a valid e-mail address and can be created here.

There is currently a bug in the wiki code that may require you to save or preview an entry twice. This is a known issue and is being worked on...



  • Radmind FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Radmind Manual for Mac OS X - Gives a full overview of Radmind and a thorough description of the Radmind Assistant. Original version by Ofir Gal.
  • Command Line Tutorial - Describes how to use the Radmind client and server tools to maintain a group of machines. This tutorial is slightly Mac OS X oriented, but the lessons are applicable to any Unix platform.
  • TLS Cookbook - This cookbook describe how to create an SSL Certificate Authority, issue certificates, and configure Radmind to use SSL Certificates to authenticate the Radmind server and Radmind-managed machines.
  • PAM Cookbook - This cookbook describes how to configure and use pluggable authentication modules (PAM) for the Radmind server on Mac OS 10.2 and higher.
  • Book - An outline for a book on Radmind. Moved from wikibooks.
  • Glossary - Definitions for terms common to a Radmind deployment.
  • Radmind-pc - Information on the Windows port of Radmind.
  • GUI Build Instructions - basic instructions on how to check out the source for the GUI tools and build them.
  • Managing system.keychain - information about how to manage the system keychain
  • McAfee Security for Mac OS X - a recipe for managing McAfee Security and/or VirusScan

Positive Reference Transcripts

  • 10.5.0-positive - A positive transcript of Mac OS X 10.5.0 before it is booted.
  • 10.5.7-positive - A positive transcript of Mac OS X 10.5.0 with 10.5.7 combo applied in an unbooted state with no negative applied

Negative Transcripts

Exclude Lists

The Exclude patterns page describes some ways to construct excludes for your command files, and provides examples.

Lists of pre-built excludes include:


  • Post-apply scripts
  • - Create and store transcripts for drag and drop applications.
  • - Create and store transcripts for a single file.
  • Syntax Files - Radmind syntax highlighting files for various text editors
  • - Helpful script for identifying and cleaning up unused transcripts and command files
  • merge_files.rb - Assists with using lmerge on a large number or transcripts with version numbers (basic template)


Related Tools

Mailing List

  • support Report outages (mailing list not working, searches failing)
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