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[edit] Client

[edit] Making login hooks work in Leopard (10.5.2)

Here are the steps I took after reading Andrew Mortensen's post in the radmind project at sourceforge

1) Downloaded and installed iHook v1.1.1

2) Double-checked that the path to my hooks are /etc/login.hook and /etc/logout.hook

3) Issued these commands exactly as written:

 sudo defaults write com.apple.loginwindow LoginHook /path/to/login.hook
 sudo defaults write com.apple.loginwindow LogoutHook /path/to/logout.hook

That seems to make the hooks work again.

[edit] Server

[edit] Can I move /var/radmind/postapply and /var/radmind/preapply?

Yes. By default, the radmind server looks for postapply scripts in /var/radmind/postapply and preapply scripts in /var/radmind/preapply. You can store these scripts in a different location by creating symlinks for these directories that points to the desired location.

[edit] Can I move /var/radmind to another volume?

Yes. As with the above answer, you can use a symlink, and radmind will follow. It's not uncommon, for example, to create a softlink from /var/radmind to a locally attached RAID storage device.

Note that, under some circumstances, clients may get a 500 error when executing a ktcheck if you've recently created the symlink. There may be a corresponding command_k: snet_open: config: No such file or directory error on the radmind server's system log. This indicates that radmind can't find the config file. The easiest way to resolve this is to reboot the radmind server; after which, radmind should successfully follow the symlink.

[edit] TroubleShooting

[edit] Connection failed, Connection refused

When you try to connect a client to a default install of radmind server you get error "Connection failed, Connection refused"

1) Check Radmind Server Manager Preferences and make sure you manually type in port 6662,

2) For some reason if you leave it grayed out it will use 6222, change to 6662 and re test.

[edit] Transcript does not match size of file

When uploading a positive transcript you receive the error transcript does not match size of file: ./private/var/log/system.log failed: Sent wrong number of bytes to server

1) After creating the positive transcript before uploading choose to view changes.

2) Find the line that has ./private/var/log/system.log and delete it from your positive transcript.

3) Return and finish uploading to the server.

[edit] Bad File Descriptor

When updating a clients I noticed I kept getting the error: "./dev/fd/30 bad file descriptor". Here are the steps I used to correct this.

1) Remove the line described in the error from your negative transcript. In my case ./dev

2) Make sure in the Transcript editor's preferences you have the correct path selected for your transcript ( either . or / )

3) Select from the main menu: File > Add item to transcript > Choose File

4) Navigate to the directory to re add it to the transcript, when selected choose add directory

5) Go back to radmind loadsets and verify the transcript.

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