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[edit] Building the Radmind GUI tools from CVS


  • OS X machine
  • Xcode tools
  • Ability to use the command line
  • Internet access to

Open the Terminal, and cd to a directory to use:

cd /Users/Shared

Get the radmind-assistant source from SourceForge via anonymous CVS:

cvs -z3 co -P radmind-assistant

There should now be a radmind-assistant directory inside your current working directory. To quickly open it in the Finder:

open radmind-assistant

Look for and double-click "Radmind Assistant.xcodeproj" to open it in Xcode.

To build the Radmind Assistant, click the Build icon in the project window's toolbar, or choose "Build" from the Build menu. This will take a minute or so, and will generate some warnings, which you can ignore for now.

Return to the radmind-assistant directory. There will now be a new "build" directory within. Open it, and the enclosed Development directory, and you'll see, among other things, a freshly compiled Radmind Assistant.


To build the Radmind Trasnscript Editor and/or the Radmind Server Manager, look for the rte and rsm directories inside the radmind-assistant directory.

radmind-assistant/rte/RTE.xcodeproj is the Xcode project for the Radmind Transcript Editor, and

radmind-assistant/rsm/rsm.xcodeproj is the Xcode project for the Radmind Server Manager.

Building these follows similar steps as building the Radmind Assistant.

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