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A rough guide to getting Radmind-PC installed on default Windows XP SP2 client.

  • This guide assumes you have access to a working radmind server.
  • There is no Radmind server for windows at this time.

[edit] Setup

  1. Download the most recent release of Radmind-PC from the Radmind SourceForge site.
    This package includes ntfsdiff, regdiff, ktcheck, lapply, lcreate, regapply, regcreate and the needed dll's.
  2. Create the directory C:\radmind
  3. Unzip files C:\radmind
  4. Added C:\radmind to your PATH environment variable
    setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\radmind"
  5. Create the directory C:\radmind\client.
    This directory will hold a client's transcripts.

[edit] Create Negative

Set up negative transcripts for the file system and the registry and a command file referencing them in C:\radmind\client. Name the command file command.K so that you won't have to specify it repeatedly. Unfortunately there aren't good default negative transcripts available at the moment.

  1. Open a command prompt and cd to C:\
  2. Create the filesystem negative transcript
    ntfsdiff -1 "C:\Documents and Settings"#:>> C:\radmind\client\fs-negative.T
    ntfsdiff -1 C:\pagefile.sys >> C:\radmind\client\fs-negative.T
    ntfsdiff -1 C:\radmind\client >> C:\radmind\client\fs-negative.T
    ntfsdiff -1 C:\Recycler >> C:\radmind\client\fs-negative.T
    The Recycler appears to not appear until something disappears from the Recycle Bin.
    ntfsdiff -1 "C:\System Volume Information" >> C:\radmind\client\fs-negative.T
    ntfsdiff -1 "C:\Windows\Prefetch" >> C:\radmind\clinet\fs-negative.T
  3. Store the filesystem negative transcript to your radmind server with zero length files
    lcreate -N -h radmind.server.example.com C:/radmind/client/fs-negative.T
  4. Run lcksum.
    When lcksum is updated to work with Windows transcripts, it would be run here.

[edit] Create command file on server

  1. Move transcript
    mv /var/radmind/tmp/transcript/fs-negative.T /var/radmind/transcript
    mv /var/radmind/tmp/file/fs-negative.T /var/radmind/file
  2. Create a command file for your client
    echo "n fs-negative.T" > /var/radmind/command/WinXPSP2.K
  3. Added the host or IP of your client to the server's config file and assign it the new command file
    echo "windows.client.example.com#:WinXPSP2.K" >> /var/radmind/config

[edit] Create a Baseload

  1. Open a command prompt and cd to C:\radmind\client
  2. Update the client's command file and transcript
    ktcheck -h radmind.server.example.com
  3. Create the filesystem base transcript
    ntfsdiff -C -c sha1 -o fs-base.T C:
  4. Store filesystem base transcript to your radmind server
    lcreate -h radmind.server.example.com fs-base.T

[edit] Create base registry transcripts

  1. Open a command prompt and cd to C:\radmind\client
  2. Create the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE base registry transcript
    regdiff -C -c sha1 -o reg-hklm-base.T "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"
  3. Store HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE base registry transcript to your radmind server
    regcreate -h radmind.server.example.com reg-hklm-base.T
  4. Create the HKEY_USERS base registry transcript
    regdiff -C -c sha1 -o reg-hku-base.T "HKEY_USERS"
  5. Store HKEY_USERS base registry transcript to your radmind server
    regcreate -h radmind.server.example.com reg-hku-base.T

[edit] PC Transcript Format


  1. f <path> <attributes> O:<owner sid> G:<group sid> D:<dacl><high mtime> <low mtime> <high file size> <low file size> <checksum>


  1. d <path> <attributes> O:<owner sid> G:<group sid> D:<dacl>

[edit] Known Issues

  • The tools may not be able to open some files that are open by other processes.
  1. This can occur when ntfsdiff is trying to checksum a file or lcreate is storing a file on the server.
    One example of a file that has been known to cause problems is XXX.
    To get around this problem with lcreate you can remove the offending file from your transcript.
  • C:\WIndows\Debug has a bunch of logs files.
  1. Should probably make a negative transcript for this.
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