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This page is to list individuals at the University of Michigan who are currently researching, planning projects, or are otherwise connected to Learning Analytics topics and interests. If you are adding a new individual, please also be sure to create a wiki page about their research project, lab, website, or workspace.

[edit] Individuals Currently Researching Learning Analytics

Name Role Unit Project / Lab
Andrew Krumm Student Education M-STEM Academy
Steven Lonn Staff USE Lab, DMC M-STEM Academy
Timothy McKay Faculty Physics E2Coach
Kate Miller Staff Physics E2Coach
Jared Tritz Staff Physics E2Coach
Stephanie Teasley Faculty Information / USE Lab M-STEM Academy

[edit] Individuals Planning Research on Learning Analytics

Name Role Unit Project / Lab

[edit] Individuals Connected / Interested in Learning Analytics

Name Role Unit Project / Lab / Group
Sean Demonner Staff ITS Teaching & Learning
Gus Evrard Faculty Physics Whitaker Grant
John Gohsman Staff ITS NextGen Michigan
Jeffrey Jenkins Staff ITS Business Intelligence
Dan Kiskis Staff ITS Teaching & Learning
Jason Pasinetti Staff ITS Business Intelligence
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