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[edit] The Society for Learning Analytics Research: SOLAR

SoLAR exists to ensure that there is an expansive, transformative vision for what analytics might mean for the future of learning and to promote a very critical discourse that is non-partisan, and grounded as far as possible in practice-based research.

SoLAR activities include:

  • Overseeing the annual Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference,
  • Engage in collaborative research (particularly in the development of Open Learning Analytics Architecture),
  • Publications on the state and future of analytics in learning, training, and education
  • Consultations with government, educational leaders, and policy makers on analytics deployment and evaluation
  • Shared research with vendors and analytics providers

SoLAR defines learning analytics as the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs. You can learn more about it at the society website:

[edit] The SIGNALS Project at Purdue University

With the turn of the new millennium, the nature of the course management systems on campuses began to change. Institutions began to standardize and support one common application. Vendors began to architect and promote their product as an “enterprise” system. And researchers began to consider what might be possible with the scale of such a system and the data begin captured by the application. This session will explore the initial beginnings of Signals, the current status of the project, and the future directions of the use of analytics within Signals and other learning initiatives.

NBC nightly news:

Academic Analytics: A New Tool for a New Era:

Academic Analytics:

[edit] SNAPP—Social Networks Adapting Pedagogical Practice

The University of Wollongong in Australia uses SNAPP, a software application that visualizes data from discussion forum posts to allow faculty to perceive behavioral patterns.

[edit] Visualizing Collaborative Knowledge Work

The Visualizing Collaboration Knowledge Work project at Ball State University is designed to visualize collaborative writing processes in order to support stronger formative evaluation.

[edit] Academic Early Alert and Retention System

Northern Arizona University uses a guidance system for students aimed at improving student academic success and retention. The system provides feedback to students in four areas (attendance, grade, academics, and positive feedback). Depending on the feedback given, students are given options and pointed to resources to help them improve.

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