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The 7Cs committee is the CCCC [1] Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication.[1] With nine members and two co-chairs, the 7Cs focuses on issues related to computers and writing in composition and communication, especially as related to pedagogy, access, promotion and tenure, and program administration. The 7Cs Committee is supported by a task force of volunteers who contribute ideas and feedback.[2]

[edit] Work

7Cs sponsors the Computer Connection and Digital Poster Sessions at the CCCC and selects the host sites for the onsite and online Computers and Writing conferences.[3]

7Cs has created the "Tenure and Promotion Cases for Composition Faculty Who Work with Technology" website designed for composition faculty whose professional lives focus on computer technology and provides multiple perspectives on how others may perceive and evaluate work with technology: http://www.ncte.org/cccc/committees/7cs/tenurepromotioncases.

[edit] Awards

7Cs grants the Technology Innovator Award annually.[4]

[edit] References

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