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Computers and Composition Online [1] is the refereed online companion journal to Computers and Composition: An International Journal. Computers and Composition Online launched in 1996 publishing manuscripts better viewed online than in the text-based hard copy journal format.[1] The journal serves as a resource on new and emerging media for both virtual and face-to-face classes.

The journal publishes research-based webtexts addressing rhetorical and critical theory with technological practice; pieces addressing pedagogy and classroom experience, including syllawebs, resources, and student projects; professional development information including interviews and specialist profiles, as well as conference information and calls for submissions; online material that connects with the current print journal themes and special issues; and reviews for such texts as books, websites, apps, events, and other media. [2]

Kristine Blair and Megan Adams are currently co-editor of Computers and Composition Online.[3]

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