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[edit] August 1, 1988 -- Lake Michigan (By Boat!)

[edit] August 1, 1988, Monday

6:30 am

Woke up. Packed lunches and left Bob (Don's brother) and Kathy's cottage at Torch Lake for Charlevoix with Four Winns boat.

8:40 am

Left Torch Crest Marina.

9:30 am

Left boat marina in Charlevoix.

9:45 am

Picture of Charlevoix South Pier Light from water. Using charts and compass we headed north and spotted Skilligalle Island Light at 10:40. We got close enough at 10:55 to take pictures. From there we could spot Gray's Reef and Waugoshance. At 11:22 we were at Gray's Reef Light for pictures. It had a red flashing light and the horn was sounding. At 11:46 we were at White Shoal Light - it's a red and white candy stripe but the red is faded. At 12:00 we were taking pictures of Waugoshance Shoal Light. This one has a bird cage top. It is also to be torn down.

1:45 pm

Back in the channel at Charlevoix. We had a picnic at a park near the boat launch.

3:30 pm

Back at the cottage.

Trip Totals: 5 Lighthouses, ? miles, 1 day.

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