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dScribe Training

The Open.Michigan staff conducts regular training sessions with the dScribes to introduce them to OER, the copyright clearance process, and the tools and resources used throughout the dScribe process. Some of the topics covered during the first training session are:

During this initial training session, the Open.Michigan Staff will also instruct the dScribes on the tool that will be used to manage the copyright clearance process. University of Michigan developed a web-based tool called OERca to complement the dScribe process. OERca may be used as a tool alongside the dScribe process, but the dScribe process and methodology can also be used without OERca. Since OERca is a U-M-based web service, if your institution faces bandwidth constraints, it may be better to have an offline tool such as this example content object clearing spreadsheet to use for the dScribe process at your institution.

The weekly open content work sessions continue throughout the course of the semester. During subsequent sessions, Open.Michigan do not conduct any formal training, but rather devote time to answering questions one-on-one as dScribes work through the materials.

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