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Sweetland's Favorite A2 Places


Welcome to Ann Arbor!

During your visit to this college town, home to the University of Michigan, take time to enjoy some of our best-known places. In this guide, you will find these places sorted into the following categories: Restaurants, Bars, Drinks & Snacks, The Great Outdoors, Museums, and Entertainment. Each of these categories will provide a list of our very best places to eat, relax, and enjoy Ann Arbor!  DOWNLOAD a PDF at the bottom of the page (sign in to see it).

**Places are part of the Pub Crawl, taking place on Thursday night, at 8 PM.


Afternoon Delight

A breakfast place on the corner of fifth and Liberty, Afternoon Delight is well known in the Ann Arbor community. It is a favorite with students on weekend mornings but it also has a strong resident-customer base. Some of its unique dishes include house-baked cinnamon raisin bread French toast, breakfast boules and frozen yogurt-filled muffins. Well-priced with large portions!

251 East Liberty Street

(734) 665-7513




This Viennese-Inspired dining experience features delicious lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch specialties from Austria, Hungary and Poland. Enjoy the classical music wafting from the speakers as you sip your coffee, or stop in to pick up a pastry to go.

122 East Washington Street

(734) 665-8767



Amer’s (State Street)

Amer’s is a central location on campus, great for coffee, tea, bagels, lunch/dinner dishes and, especially, their frozen yogurt. There is lots of space, with free wireless. It is a very             typical Ann Arbor cafe, where you can get just about any meal or beverage you want!

530 South State Street

(734) 668-6770




Angelo’s is a family-owned restaurant located near the science research buildings on the north side of campus. It’s famous specialties are eggs Benedict, their omelets, and especially their raisin toast. Serving breakfast and lunch to Ann Arbor residents for 55 years, this is a key place to try for brunch!

1100 East Catherine Street

(734) 761-8996



 Café Felix

This European-inspired Bistro features a vast wine list and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy people watching on Main Street. The food offerings are limited, but they have great calamari and cheese plates.

204 South Main Street

(734) 662-8650



Café Habana

This restaurant features a wide variety of Cuban and Latin-inspired cuisine and drinks. Bring your dancing shoes on Thursday Salsa nights. Cafe Habana also offers excellent weekend brunch--be sure to visit their website and download a brunch coupon for half off any entree!

211 East Washington Street

(734) 332-6046



Café Japon

A unique fusion of Japanese and French cuisine, Cafe Japon serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Whether you are craving a French baguette or spicy tuna roll, you will find dishes made with fresh quality ingredients and a variety of vegan-friendly foods.

13 East Liberty Street

(734) 332-6200



Café Zola

Cafe Zola is more of a restaurant, with all of the available coffees and teas typical of cafe as well. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a more French flair for the first two meals (think crepes and country omelettes), and a Mediterranean/Turkish influence for dinner (try the grilled octopus). Also serves a good Bloody Mary and Sazerac. It is rather pricey but with creative menu options, it's worth it.

112 West Washington Street

(734) 769-2020



The Earle

From The Earle Restaurant’s website Located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Earle serves award-winning French and Italian country cuisine. Our wine list offers over 1,000 selections and has received the Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence for 20 consecutive years. Our dining room features live jazz five nights a week.

121 West Washington Street

(734) 994-0211



Earthen Jar

One of the hidden treasures in Ann Arbor, it is located down Liberty street, off of Fifth. There is construction right outside but it is accessible on foot. A vegan buffet with very fair prices, it is an excellent place to try new versions of traditional curries and other Indian cuisine. There are also a few Americanized dishes, like mac n’ cheese, and lasagna. Fill your plate and pay by the weight; the pastries in the window below the cashier are delicious.

311 South Fifth Avenue

(734) 327-9464



Eastern Accents

Eastern Accents is a locally-owned Asian-style bakery on East Fourth Street.  Stop by for excellent Thai tea and the best steamed buns in town, as well as light meals during lunchtime, including Bi Bim Bop and Kim Bop.

214 South Fourth Avenue



Frita Batidos

One of the newest food options in town, Frita Batidos specializes in its namesakes -- fritas (think soft buns, shoestring fries, spicy mayo, and your choice of chorizo, fish, black bean, and more) and batidos (decadently rich milkshakes in flavors like pina colada and orangesicle).  Stylishly white interior with communal seating at long picnic tables, it also serves beer, Cuban coffee, and wicked spicy huevos in their weekend brunch menu.  Open till midnight.

117 West Washington Street

(734) 761-2882



Grange Kitchen and Bar

The Grange serves locally-sourced foodie-worthy food including such delights as scotch eggs, fried pig's head, and French fries made in duck fat.  A great place to try something old-fashioned yet trendy. Come in by May 21st and catch the special mushroom dishes featured for “Morel Week.”  They also have a great bar upstairs.

118 West Liberty Street

(734) 995-2107



Jefferson Market

Best Sunday brunches ever! French toast, pancakes, egg burritos—all with Jeffersonian themed names.

609 West Jefferson Street

(734) 665-6666



Jerusalem Garden

If you are looking for delicious and affordable Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food, Jerusalem Garden is the place to fill up! Try the Chicken Shwarma, Lentil soup, and finish off with Baklava for dessert. Outdoor seating is available, but alcoholic beverages are not.

307 South Fifth Avenue

(734) 995-5060



Madras Masala

Madras Masala has some of the best Indian food in Ann Arbor, for fair prices. It specializes in Southern Indian cuisine. Recommended items garlic naan, any khorma dish, and dosas.

328 Maynard Street

(734) 222-9006



Maru Korean Restaurant

Located in a repurposed and remodeled gas station a couple blocks from campus, Maru is one of the best Korean restaurants in town (Arirong, farther afield, is another).  Regulars recommend the Galbi Jim (short ribs in sweet sauce with potatoes, carrots, and red dates), but the Jap Chae, Bibimbop, Kimchee stew, are all delicious. Most haven't had anything that's not yummy!

414 East William Street

(734) 761-1977




Sava’s is a fairly new restaurant and an even newer bar in town, located on Central Campus. While it is very popular with students, it is also a great place for professors, residents, and visitors. They serve all main meals and they now serve drinks as well. With a variety of quality and unique dishes, as well as a chic but cozy atmosphere, Sava’s is an excellent spot to relax and have affordable food and drink!

216 South State Street

(734) 623-2233




Seva is the best vegetarian restaurant in town. It does not serve meat but is very friendly towards all vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets. All of their dishes are excellent; their best ones are the enchiladas calabeza and the sausage-tofu with pasta dish. Their sweet potato fries are also to die for, with the best side sauce in town. They also serve beer and wine, as well as all-natural smoothies, for special drinks. If you enjoy vegetarian cuisine, this is a definite must-see/eat!

314 East Liberty Street

(734) 662-1111




Sheesh is a new Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant, with very low prices and excellent food. Their sesame bread is both unique and delicious, and their portions are overly generous. Definitely try their lentil soup!

205 North Main Street





A quaint little Chinese restaurant located on Central campus, it is an excellent example of Chinese cuisine in Ann Arbor.

510 East Liberty Street

(734) 747-6662



Tomukun Noodle Bar

Stylish, sleek, authentic and delicious noodle bar.  I eat there as often as I can -- favorites include duck udon, Tomukun ramen, curry udon, and grilled mackerel.

505 East Liberty Street

(734) 995-8668




Zingerman’s is probably the best known and most popular food enterprise in Ann Arbor. Originally just a deli, they have now opened a bakery next door, and a roadhouse, dairy, candy, and coffee businesses within the city. After being highly successful in Ann Arbor, they decided to not franchise out their services but rather to concentrate on their businesses here and to help train individuals about their business practices. If you have time to visit one place in Ann Arbor, Zingerman’s deli is the place to go!

2501 Jackson Avenue (Roadhouse) & 422 Detroit Street (Deli)

(734) 663-3363 (Roadhouse) & (734) 663-3354 (Deli)




Alley Bar

This hole-in-the-wall bar makes old-fashioned, very unique drinks. Some of these ingredients include, cucumber water, absinthe, and sugar cubes. They also have a wide selection of beers and whiskeys, including scotch. And, they pride themselves in providing the pickle shot (which should be tried before judged).

12 West Liberty Street

(734) 662-8757



**Arbor Brewing Company

This restaurant has a pub atmosphere, with many booths and the bar located at the center. The food is great, at a fair price, with a wide drink selection. They also brew their own beer. A local business, it has a lot of charm!

114 East Washington Street

(734) 213-1393




Ashley’s is known as the main beer bar in Ann Arbor. With dozens of beers on tap, it is the best place to find your favorite ale, cider, and heavy and light beers. Their food is hearty and typical for a bar. Located near campus, you can sit in booths with open windows to watch the street life.

338 South State Street

(734) 996-0439



**/aut/ Bar

Known for publicly and directly supporting the LGBT community, this bar and Mexican restaurant has a lot of character and is a great find in Ann Arbor.

315 Braun Court

 (734) 994-3677



Bab’s Underground Lounge

This bar is located in the underground of an office building. With dim lighting, lounge seating, and the bar located in the corner, the place is set up to feel cozy but chic. There are also pool tables available. Usually filled with young professionals, this is one of Ann Arbor’s hidden secrets.

213 South Ashley Street

(734) 997-0800



The Black Pearl

This seafood and Martini Bar is bit on the pricey side, but offers exceptional service and live music entertainment. It has a very laid back but chic ambience with dim lighting and high-top tables. Be sure to try the Black Pearl, Pearcicle, and Lychee martinis.

302 South Main Street

(734) 222–0400



**Blue Tractor

One of Ann Arbor’s newer businesses, Blue Tractor has its own brewed beers, as well as cocktails and wine. Its cuisine is similar to many places that specialize in beer hearty, grilled burgers and side dishes. The restaurant itself has a slightly industrial ambiance.

207 East Washington Street

(734) 222-4095



**Conor O’Neill’s Pub

An Irish pub on Main Street, they have good food for decently fair price and a large selection of beers and other spirits. While it is a restaurant chain, it still has charm and local taste inside.

318 South Main Street

(734) 665-2968




Dominick’s on Monroe Street is a great place for a seasonally delicious jar of sangria or constant buzz (a strawberry daiquiri-like cocktail).  Both are great places to spend an afternoon or evening if you need to get away from the bustle for a while. Its decor is a little shabby; the tables are decades old; but, this is part of its charm. The food (pasta, pizza, nachos, etc.) is cheap and not bad. And, it’s only open during the summer, until 10 PM.

812 Monroe Street

(734) 662-5414



Good Time Charley’s

Charley’s is the most famous undergraduate bar in Ann Arbor. Located amongst a strip of bars on South University, in the South Campus area, it has a large window wall, to look out on the street. Known for its cheaper drinks, especially its fishbowls (3 long islands in one very large mason jar), be prepared for an evening of crowded socializing and heavy drinking.

1140 South University

(734) 668-8411



**Grizzly Peak Brewing Co.

From Grizzly Peak’s website Grizzly Peak is housed in a century-old building with wood floors, tin ceilings and exposed brick walls, which create a warm, casual atmosphere. The progressive menu focuses on fresh ingredients and seasonal features produced in a "from-scratch" kitchen. Families, students, couples and professionals enjoy the aged steaks, fresh fish, BBQ Ribs, hearth-baked pizzas, sandwiches and burgers. They also have their own brewery.

120 West Washington Street

(734) 741-7325



**Jolly Pumpkin

Another local brewery, located on Main Street, it also serves very unique and delicious food. It may be known for its beer but it’s food must be tried, as they combine unexpected ingredients and have unusual but delicious dishes. A little expensive but worth the price!

311 South Main Street

(734) 913-2730



**Old Town Tavern

From Old Town Tavern’s website The Old Town Tavern features a casual, relaxed atmosphere, full menu specializing in homemade soups and sandwiches, Southwestern entrees, daily specials and the best burgers in Ann Arbor. It also has great drink specials for later in the evening!

122 West Liberty Street           

(734) 662-9291



Heidelberg Restaurant

Heidelberg has a definite German-bar ambience and is known for serving drinks out of boots. With a main bar downstairs, a restaurant on the main floor, and a poker room in the room upstairs, the Heidelberg is a great place to spend an evening!

215 North Main Street

(734) 663-7758




Vinology is a wine bar located on Main Street. With a very tasteful decor, and a relaxed atmosphere, it is a great place to go with a small group and split a couple of bottles of wine. The servers are well informed about the wine selection and are friendly and willing to assist you in your exploration of their collection. They also have lunch and dinner menus if you want to have food with your wine.           

110 South Main Street

(734) 222-9841




Bubble Island

This Taiwanese tea and snack shop was the first of many “boba,” or “bubble” tea places to pop up in Ann Arbor. It is on South University offers bubble tea, smoothies, frozen yogurt, mocha ice cream, Asian sweets and candies, light food, and lots of board games to check out.  If you stop by before 1pm on a weekday, you can get a medium bubble tea for only $2.

1220 South University Avenue

(734) 222-9013



Comet Coffee

Located in the only place in Ann Arbor reminiscent of 19th C. Paris, the Nickels Arcade, Comet Coffee has the best lattes in town (and the best latte art), the best almond croissants, and the strongest, richest single origin single drip cups. They also have free wireless (of course) and stylish concrete counters. For the hipster coffee lover in you.

16 Nickels Arcade

(734) 222-0579


Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room

One of the more abstract but cozy bookstores in town, Crazy Wisdom is filled with an odd selection of books. Upstairs, there is a small seating area for those who order their fresh, individually brewed tea and sandwiches from Zingerman’s. The tea comes in prettily decorated tea pots, completing the quaint, comfy atmosphere.

114 South Main Street

(734) 665-2757




A cafe on Liberty, close to State Street, it has a very mod, “hipster” feeling to it. Mostly occupied by students and young adults but the prices are fair and they have a wide selection of coffees, teas, pastries, and frozen yogurt.

505 East Liberty Street, Suite 300

(734) 827-2233



Mighty Good Coffee

A local, small-scale coffee roaster opened his own shop in an off-the-beaten-path block of N. Main Street.  A comfortable, friendly place for a great cup of coffee, and you can take the beans home with you (they even deliver!).  Try the Almighty Blend.

217 North Main Street

(734) 222-4514



Roos Roast

Roos Roast is a fair-trade, mostly organic coffee company, located outside of South Campus. The             owners are some of the friendliest people, and absolutely love to have a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee with customers. They may even show you their mini coffee factory in the back! It is definitely worth the drive to try their amazing coffee.

1155 Rosewood Street, Suite B

(734) 709-9565




In a town that loves its coffee, TeaHaus is devoted entirely to high-quality teas.  They sell and serve 200 varieties in their Tea Room, along with delicious homemade goodies.  The Quickie English Tea comes with tea sandwiches, petite scones with clotted cream, homemade lemon curd, and more.

204 North Fourth Avenue

(734) 622-0460



Washtenaw Dairy

Ice cream, milkshakes, homemade donuts, and more! Open since 1931; come hang out with Ann Arbor’s finest.

602 South Ashley Street

(734) 662-3244




Dawn Treader Book Shop

There are several nice used bookstores around downtown AA, but if you really want to lose yourself for a while surrounded by shelf after shelf of wonderfully dusty and musty-smelling tomes on every subject imaginable, the Dawn Treader on Liberty Street is by far the dustiest and the mustiest of all.                

514 East Liberty Street

 (734) 995-1008


Downtown Home and Garden

For over 100 years this Emporium has supplied Ann Arbor with everything from organic gardening supplies to gourmet kitchenware. If you work up an appetite browsing through the large selection of house wares and plants, you can grab a snack and a locally-roasted coffee at their in-store café, Zingerman’s Breadbox.

210 South Ashley Street

(734) 662-8122



Encore Recordings

Located just a block-and-a-half from campus, Encore Recordings is not to be missed by the audiophile and seeker of rare (and often cheap) audio goodies.  They specialize in used CDs of all eras, but also deal in vinyl.  The store is literally lined from floor to ceiling with shelves of sound. Don't trip over the stacks in front of the counter!

417 East Liberty Street

(734) 662-6776



Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is one of the main locations in Kerrytown, located on Detroit St. Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the summer, 7 AM - 3 PM. With dozens of farmers selling their fresh produce, bread, meats, cheese, and dairy at fair prices, it is an excellent way to support the local community and experience true Ann Arbor charm. Crafts are also sold at market but more are available at the Artisan fair, which occurs on Sundays.

315 Detroit Street

(734) 794-6255

http//            FarmersMarkethome.aspx


The Getup Vintage

This is one of the best vintage stores in town! Located on State Street, on Central Campus, the store offers a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry from the 50s to the 90s. It is very             easy to find at least one thing, every trip, that you can’t live without!

215 South State Street

(734) 327-4300



Morgan and York

Morgan and York is easy to miss because of the gigantic sign out front identifying it as the PARTY STORE.  It *is* a party store, but the store is more refined than its sign makes it look.  Morgan and York has an unbelievable selection of cheese, salami, and other cured meats, and its selection of wine and beer cannot be beat. They also have a neat old-fashioned candy section where you can find bubble gum cigars, jawbreakers, and the like.  

1928 Packard

(734) 662-0798



Orchid Lane

A fair trade clothing store near State Street, this is a great place to browse and shop. The Warehouse has clothing for $15 or less as well. Be sure to try on a few of their scarves and/or dresses!

419 (regular store) & 421 (warehouse), East Liberty Street

(734) 662-6446



People’s Food Co-op of Ann Arbor

The People’s Food Co-op (PFC) is a central location in Kerrytown, for many Ann Arbor residents. It is one of the neighborhood’s main grocery stores; but, it has other services as well. The Co-op now sells select beer and wine and it has always sold herbal medicines and healthy snacks. The Co-op also has a sit-down eatery where you can get a dish of their delicious buffet food or purchase a fresh meal, coffee, and/or tea.

Address 216 North Fourth Avenue

 (734) 994-9174



The Produce Station

The Produce Station is a specialty grocery store, green grocer, and garden supply all in one.  You cannot beat the quality of their produce, and you can get fava beans, imported pasta, a fantastic bottle of wine, and a basil plant all in one stop. 

1629 South State Street

(734) 663-7848



West Side Bookshop

This bookshop is known for its good taste in old, new, used, and rare books. Located in the Main Street area, it’s a great place to stop by and take a look!

113 West Liberty Street

(734) 995-1891




Campus Greenspace: The Diag and Law Quad

If Michigan weather permits, the central campus diagonal is the perfect place to spend time outside reading, people watching, or tossing around a Frisbee. When hanging out around the Union or UMMA, you can also wander across South University Street and check out UM’s Law Quad.  The gothic architecture is worth close examination:  12 distinct limestone corbels dwell in the passageways representing different seasons, sports, and professions.  Students frequently hang out in the quad and study in the law library, known for its intense quietness (look up for some amazing stained glass).

625 South State Street



Cultivating Community

A fantastic UM outreach program that offers hands-on experience in sustainable food systems through small-scale organic gardening -- Anyone can visit the on-campus gardens at the Ginsberg Center for Community Service Learning (Hill Street), and at the Mattheai Botanical Gardens (N. Dixboro Road).

1024 Hill Street OR 1800 North Dixboro Road

(207) 761-4769



Huron River

A scenic and peaceful waterway winding through town, the Huron River can be reached in 15 minutes by foot from the U of M Campus.  Hiking and bike trails run all the way along the river, and it's a good place to spot fuzzy goslings and ducklings in spring. Also great for paddling -- see our Huron River Paddle event for more info.

(734) 662-6776



Leslie Science and Nature Center

You'll need a car to get there (though it isn't far), but if you want to see at least five species of raptors face-to-face, the Leslie Science and Nature Center is the only place in town. You'll  also find a Critter Room with a range of creepy-crawly, slinking, and swimming creatures, woodsy trails, and pond.

1831 Traver Road

(734) 997-1553



Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Go for a walk through the Botanical Gardens at dusk and you’ll see plenty of deer,  peeping frogs and muskrats swimming in the river. Also, the annual "Kitchen Favorites" Plant Sale Fundraiser will be at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens - May 21 and May 22, 2011, 10 am to 4 pm.  On May 21 only, the Herb Study Group will be hosting its Herbfest with herbal information, free herbal samples and recipes, used books about herbs, and more.  

1800 North Dixboro Road

(734) 647-7600



Nichols Arboretum Peony Garden

The peonies should be starting to bloom by C&W 2011.  With over 270 varieties, the Peony Garden at the Nichols Arboretum is a spectacular spring sight.  Stroll the garden paths, sit on the grassy hill, then walk down the path to the Huron River and the vast network of Arboretum trails.

1610 Washington Heights

 (734) 647-7600




 The Cube


Located in Regents’ Plaza behind the Union, the enormous black steel cube can be rotated on its access when pushed. It has a sister cube at Astor Place in New York City. Artist: UM alum Tony Rosenthal (1936). Acquired in 1956.


The Gallery Project

This is the only gallery in town that showcases work from a variety of nationally and internationally renowned artists every six weeks in response to a theme.  I take my students here every term as part of our visual analysis segment because the gallery offers so many perspectives on one idea.  The work is always well-curated and offers an exciting mixture of genres, from formal painting to sound projects to elaborate wood-built environments.  I always leave the gallery feeling expanded by what I saw there.

215 South Fourth Avenue

 (734) 997-7012



Institute of Humanities Gallery

This small gallery space can really pack a punch.  The Institute for the Humanities brings in artists from around the world who address global issues from cross-disciplinary perspectives.  The work displayed encourages the viewer to reflect on larger issues from unexpected visual starting points. And it's conveniently located across the street from North Quad.

202 South Thayer, Room 1010

(734) 936-3518



Kelsey Museum of Archeology

Retrieved from the Kelsey Museum’s website The Kelsey Museum houses a collection of nearly 100,000 ancient and medieval objects from the civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Near             East. The Kelsey also offers regularly changing special exhibitions and sponsors research, educational programs for children, and fieldwork projects, as well as housing the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology.

434 South State Street

(734) 764-9304




The giant reddish-orange steel is one of the newest and most modern pieces of public art on campus.  Located between the new Frankel Family Wing of the University of Michigan Museum of Art and Angell Hall, the piece is on loan courtesy of the artist and the Hill Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan.  Arist:  Mark di Suvero. Created in 2006.  Acquired in 2009.


Ruthven Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum, located on Central Campus, has many exhibits for the natural sciences. These exhibits show insects, animals, fish, anthropology, and ancient life (i.e., dinosaurs). The museum also has a planetarium. The staff and researchers here take great pride in their work and it is evident in the presentation of their exhibits. It is an excellent museum to explore!

1109 Geddes Avenue

(734) 764-0480



Sunday Morning in Deep Waters

The bronze fountain is located in Ingalls Mall between the Michigan League and Burton Memorial Tower. The figures depict Father Triton and his sons on a holiday excursion. Incoming students walk counterclockwise through the fountain during orientation as a rite of passage.  Upon graduation, they often return to the fountain and walk clockwise, bookending their UM experience.  Artist:  Carl Milles.  Acquired in 1940.




The University of Michigan Museum of Art is one of the many grand and elegant buildings on Central Campus. Located opposite of the Michigan Union, it is a close walk from many of the conference events! It has a wide selection of contemporary and classic art from many eras and countries. Donations are encouraged but admission is free.

525 South State Street

(734) 763-0395




Ann Arbor District Library

The Ann Arbor library system has several branches but the closest one is in the downtown area. Stop by for access to its book and media selections.

343 South Fifth Avenue

(734) 327-4200



Blind Pig

For over 30 years the Blind Pig club has served Ann Arbor’s music-loving population, making it a venue as iconic to Ann Arbor as the CBGB is to New York. Though The Pig began as a blues club, it currently hosts a wide range of music acts from garage rock bands to electro-hip-hop artists. Check their website calendar for cover prices and performance line-ups.

208 South First Street

(734) 996-8555



Michigan Theater

One of the main, local theaters in Ann Arbor and it is located on central campus. This theater, owned by the same people that own the State Theater, specialize in small budget, more quirky and alternative movies. Some movies, for example, the recently released Waiting for Superman are also shown at these theaters, when a small-budget film is better-than-average successful. This theater also puts on concerts and other entertainment-related events, as it is a restored, old-fashioned theater (similar to the Opera House or Fox Theater in Detroit).

603 East Liberty Street

(734) 668-8397



State Theater

The State Theater, owned by the same people that run the Michigan Theater, is another eclectic theater in the heart of Central Campus. This theater has more of a student feel to it, with a more basic and budgeted atmosphere. They also play very obscure films, always different than the ones at Michigan Theater. Their prices are very affordable though, so if you enjoy more abstract films, this is a great place to check out!

233 South State Street

(734) 761-8667




The Ark

The Ark is a concert and entertainment venue on Main Street. It usually has moderately famous musicians, comedians, and other sources of entertainment. When walking down the street on a weekend evening, one will often come upon a line waiting on Main Street, to enter an event in the Ark.

316 S. State Street

(734) 761-1451




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