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dScribe Essential Resources

This page lists a variety of material associated with the DScribe process.

[edit] Connect

  • dScribe process overview
  • U-M open courses - where we publish our open educational resources.
  • Student Roles and Responsibilities for participation in dScribe (DOC)
  • Faculty Roles and Responsibilities for participation in dScribe (DOC)

[edit] Learn the Basics


OERca Software Support

[edit] Gather Resources

  • Faculty Specifications of Materials to Publish (PDF, DOC, online)

[edit] License

  • Permission Form for U-M Faculty, Students and Staff, available as a PDF or an online form (U-M Kerberos username/password required).
  • Recording and Materials Release Form for Open.Michigan events (PDF, online form) (U-M Kerberos username/password required)

[edit] Assess & Clear

  • Content Object Review Guidelines - FAQs about what to do with content you encounter while reviewing resources.
  • Casebook examples - Use this to guide your recommended actions.
  • Recommended Action Decision Tree Navigator - use this to help you make recommendations about content. Will you remove? keep? create?

Finding Open Content

[edit] Edit Materials

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