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[edit] Create a new survey

On your first login to Qualtrics, you will be asked to create your first survey. To do so, click on one of the following:

  • “Create Survey” tab
  • “Create Survey” icon
  • Text in the main area of the screen

[edit] Build your survey

You have the following options to build your survey:

  • Quick Survey Builder – This is recommended for beginners.
  • Create from Copy – This is used when you would like to copy a survey that is already in “My Account”.
  • Survey Library – This is used when you need a template of some kind. There are multiple survey libraries: The Qualtrics library has templates for many different types of surveys. You may also have a library with survey templates related to your brand.

[edit] Quick Survey Builder

  1. Give your survey a title
    • You can always rename the survey later (by clicking on the survey name while editing survey)
  2. Type in a folder name for your survey (optional)
  3. Select the account where you would like the survey to be created. The default option is “My Account.”

[edit] My Surveys

Once you have created a survey, on subsequent logins, you will be taken to your “My Surveys” page, which is like your homepage within the Qualtrics tool. Here, you can manage and access all the surveys that you have made or have copies of. Note that in any page of the Qualtrics tool, you can click on individual icons or tabs to do the following:

  • CREATE new surveys
  • EDIT your surveys
  • DISTRIBUTE surveys
  • VIEW survey results
  • Access the Qualtrics and Group Libraries, Panels and Polls

[edit] Folder management

If you anticipate that you will have a large variety of surveys, folders are useful. However, having folders is not necessary. To access folders, click on the “My Surveys” tab and click on the “Manage Folders” link located above the survey list

[edit] To add a folder

  • Click “Add Folder” (Green + icon)

[edit] To rename a folder

  • Double click the folder name.

[edit] To delete a folder

  • Select a folder
  • Click “Delete Folder” (red - icon)

[edit] To move surveys between folders

  • Drag and drop surveys to their new destination
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