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[edit] Help

  • For issues regarding quotas, new accounts, survey design, or pedagogical support, contact your Division or Brand Administrators here.
  • For service incidents or outages, contact or 734-764-HELP (764-4357)
  • For general support, contact or 800-340-9194 (MON-FRI 8am–8pm EST )

[edit] Additional resources

[edit] Sensitive Data Guide

Qualtrics is a secure U-M contracted-for cloud service that can be used to maintain or share the university's sensitive unregulated data, as well as some kinds of sensitive regulated data.

U-M's agreement with Qualtrics includes a Business Associate Agreement. This means individuals may use this service to maintain Protected Health Information (PHI) regulated by HIPAA. Complying with HIPAA's requirements is a shared responsibility, therefore you must also take any steps required by your unit to comply with HIPAA; this includes ensuring that the data is only shared or viewable by individuals authorized to access the PHI with a need to know (such as for treatment or billing purposes).

Social Security Numbers should only be used where required by law or where they are essential for university business processes. If you must use SSNs, it is preferred that you use institutional resources designed to house this data, such as the Data Warehouse. IIA can help you explore appropriate storage locations or work with you to appropriately encrypt the data if those alternatives will not work for you. (Contact IIA via the ITS Service Center.)

Qualtrics should not be used to maintain or share Export Controlled Research. This is because Qualtrics cannot ensure that only U.S. persons have access to or maintain its systems.

The Qualtrics Sensitive Data Guide is available here.

[edit] Qualtrics Licensing

May be used by official U-M organizations such as clubs. Other personal use or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Licensing details available here.

[edit] Authenticating Surveys Through Cosign

Here are the steps for requiring a Cosign login and capturing names,and email addresses in a Qualtrics survey:

  1. In Qualtrics select Edit Survey for a specific survey
  2. Select Survey Flow
  3. Above the Question Block select Add Element Here
  4. Select the Authenticator option
  5. Choose SSO as the Authentication Type
  6. Deselect Associate with Panel
  7. Select Capture respondent identifying info
  8. Select Add Embedded data and add the following fields:
First name = givenName
Last name = sn
Email = mail

For SSO Type select Shibboleth Select Save Flow

[edit] Tips and Tricks

  • Adding a progress bar (Edit Survey -> Look and Feel) and allowing respondents to go back or save and continue (Edit Survey -> Survey Options) make the survey taking experience nicer for the respondent.
  • If your question numbers are out of order you can Auto-Number your questions sequentially or by block by selecting Auto-Number Questions in Edit Survey -> Advanced Options.
  • If you are editing a live survey, it is suggested NOT to delete any questions, as the data may become unrecoverable. Instead, you should use display logic to hide the current question and add a new question in its place.

[edit] Troubleshooting

If your respondents are having trouble accessing your survey, these solutions might help troubleshoot the problem:

  • Respondent has not taken the survey, but gets "Thank you for taking the survey. Your response has been recorded"
    • This happens when Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing is turned on and multiple users are using the same computer to take a survey
  • Respondent sees "This survey has expired"
    • This happens when you have set an expiration date of the survey in Survey Options in Edit Survey. Next to Survey Protection, change the expiration date or set to "survey does not expire".
  • Respondent sees "Thank you for your time, unfortunately this survey has been closed."
    • This happens when you have deactivated the survey. In My Surveys, make sure the green box next to the survey is checked, otherwise go to Distribute Survey and activate survey.

[edit] Contribute to the Wiki

To contribute to the wiki, join the University of Michigan Online Directory (UMOD) group "QualtricsUsers". Then Click "login with CoSign" at the top right to start editing.

[edit] Tips on Editing

Mediawiki Cheat Sheet

For comments, suggestions, or to request help on additional topics, join U-M Qualtrics Google Plus Community

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