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There are several methods of distribution. Each survey can be distributed using multiple methods.


[edit] Survey distribution basics

(not available for all accounts)

There are several methods of distribution. Your study must be activated in order to collect responses. To activate, click “Launch Survey” icon, “Distribute Survey” Tab, or if in My Surveys, the “Send” icon next to your survey.

  1. Copy the survey link and send manually through your own email account
    • Every person will receive the same link, and responses will remain anonymous.
  2. Send the survey through the Qualtrics Survey Mailer/Panel
    • Click the “Email Survey” icon in the Distribute Survey tab.
    • An individual link is generated for each person by default (see “Advanced Options” to change link type).
    • Emails can be sent to large panels or to individuals.
    • Responses are tracked, as well as a history of sent invitation and reminder emails.
  3. Survey can pop-up or be embedded in a website

[edit] Survey can be exported to Word

  • Located in Advanced Options
  • Option to include programming notes
  • Text only

[edit] Survey can be shared with anyone

  • In My Surveys, click "Collaborate"
  • Search for your collaborator (users within your organization will auto-populate). Alternatively, the “Address Book” will list everyone in your organization that has an account. For those outside the organization, enter their email address. This will email the collaborator a unique code for collaboration - they will then need to use this code when they "Accept a Shared Survey" in My Surveys in their own account.
  • click Add
  • Choose which permissions you would like to give the user (Edit, View, Distribute, Activate, Copy, Delete, etc.)

[edit] Manual distribution with generic survey link

  1. This method collects all responses anonymously
  2. Copy the survey link and send manually through any email account or post on any website
    • Activate your survey to collect responses
    • Be certain to copy the link in the yellow box and not what appears in the URL web address at the top of the page
    • Every person will receive the same link
  3. To generate HTML with a customized label for the link, select “custom link” at the bottom right of the yellow box
    • Type the text you would like to represent the link
    • Copy and paste the generated HTML code
  • Note: Respondents can use this link multiple times unless "prevent ballot box stuffing" is used in Survey Options

[edit] Authenticator

When using a generic survey link, you can verify the identity of the survey taker with existing panel data using the Authenticator option in Survey Flow.

[edit] Survey distribution through the Qualtrics Survey Mailer mailer/panel

When using the Survey Mailer, individualized links can be sent to respondents. Responses can be tracked. Reminder emails can be sent to panelists who have not yet responded and a Mail history will document when invitation emails and reminder emails were sent.

  1. From the Distribute Survey tab, click “Email Survey”
  2. Choose your recipient(s) (see Panels)
    • Enter an email address
    • Enter a new panel
    • Select from panel library
    • Select individuals from a panel
    • Select a sample of a panel
  3. Choose what time/day to send the email
  4. Create your message or select a message from the library.
    • When you create a message, you must label the message and choose a library to save the message to.
  • By default, an individual link is generated for each person if surveys are sent through the survey mailer. Respondents can only access and begin the survey once. After that, they will get the message that their “survey responses have been recorded.”
    • It may be helpful to let your respondents know that they cannot forward this link

[edit] Send Test Email

This button will send a test email message to any address you provide. The test email will not include any panel data, but will provide a new link with the options you have specified in the message.

[edit] Advanced Options

  • It is possible to allow multiple completions per individual link if you choose “Multiple Completes Per Link”
  • Link can be made anonymous, but still keep email history
  • Change the link expiration date
  • Change the target response set (You can create new response sets in Survey Options in Edit Survey)

[edit] Email History

When you use the survey mailer to distribute your survey, a mailing history is created.

Email History can be found in the toolbar of "Distribute Survey"

This section shows you the following:

  1. The recipients of mailings for your survey, whether it was a panel or individual email
  2. Date and time of mailings
  3. Statistics on whether the email failed to send
  4. Whether the surveys have been started/finished

[edit] Actions

When you click on the Actions button, you have access to more detailed information about your email history

  • Edit Distribution displays the recipient, date of mailing, email to/from and message, and allows you to verify advanced options
  • Download mailing history displays the ResponseID, Panel Name and Email, Survey Status, Survey Link URL, and link expiration date
  • Send reminder or thank you emails

[edit] Social Media

You can embed your survey into a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter, or provide a QR code.

[edit] Survey can pop up on a website

After clicking on the “In-Page Popup” icon, click “Add Popup to my Website" to retrieve HTML code.

[edit] Survey can be embedded in a website

Insert the following HTML into your webpage. Replace "Paste Survey Link Here" with your survey link and edit the height and width to your specifications.

<iframe src="Paste Survey Link Here" height="450px" width="600px"></iframe>

Please note that your survey should start with a normal question block, NOT a randomizer or other element, otherwise an error may appear.

[edit] Website feedback

After clicking on the “Website Feedback” icon, click “Add Feedback Link To My Website " to retrieve HTML code.

[edit] Survey Director

The Survey Director simplifies survey distribution by using one static link to distribute several different surveys.

  1. Choose which survey a respondent will see based on quotas (e.g., after 500 responses, go to next survey)
  2. Choose which survey is presented based on date, day, or time (e.g., Survey A on Mondays, Survey B on Tuesdays)
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