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Qualtrics is a generalized survey service permitting the creation of survey instruments, distribution of the surveys, data storage and analysis. It now is available for free to all University of Michigan campuses and units.

Qualtrics is user-friendly but can handle complex designs. Simple surveys can be produced in minutes. Complex studies, involving randomization and embedded and longitudinal data, are possible. Qualtrics offers features that similar survey engines do not. A survey sharing mechanism enables collaboration. “Libraries” can store commonly used surveys, such as course evaluations.

Qualtrics is restricted to university-related work. Conducting research or surveying students, club members or administrative units is acceptable. Using Qualtrics on behalf of outside, for-profit organizations is not, nor is personal use not related to the university. Individuals should ensure their data collection complies with Institutional Review Board standards and the university’s policies regarding e-mail. Data are stored securely on servers maintained at Qualtrics. Individual accounts are password protected, and respondents’ data can be anonymous.


[edit] How do I sign up for my free account? Where do I log in?

To obtain a Qualtrics account.

  1. Self-enroll at your unit's login page or contact the Brand Administrator for your unit. Click here to find your administrator and correct login page. You must use your as your email username to create an account.

Please note that you may have only one account with Qualtrics, so it is important that you identify the correct home unit to which you will be assigned. This does not affect your ability to write surveys that may involve cross-unit cooperation, but your home unit should be with the school or unit where you do most of your survey creation.

To identify which unit your account has been associated with, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen when logged in. The URL you use to log in does not uniquely identify your unit.

[edit] Why Qualtrics?

[edit] Qualtrics offers one of the most flexible and robust research tools available

  • Audio and video presentation
  • Simple intuitive interface for creating and editing questions
  • Collaborate with anyone within and outside of the university
  • Easily integrates with panels, databases of respondents, and can build your own panels using the survey
  • Complex research designs using Survey Flow, Display Logic, Randomization tool
  • Flexible question types for collecting quantitative and qualitative data
  • Results downloaded in many file types (SPSS, Excel, XML); cool-looking graphs and tables available for direct export
  • Database of templates

[edit] Qualtrics Basics

Qualtrics functions best with the Mozilla FireFox browser.

[edit] Advanced Topics

[edit] Account administration

Qualtrics accounts at U-M are organized into brands and divisions. Some U-M units have their own brands but most are divisions under the central U-M brand. See for the full list of Qualtrics units.

Qualtrics provides documentation on completing many common administrative tasks, including:

[edit] Example Surveys

Qualtrics can be used for many purposes:

  • Research: Experimental Data Collection, Random Assignment
  • Teaching: Peer Evaluations, Quizzes (instant feedback), Upload Assignments, Choose a Presentation Topic
  • Course Evaluation: Midterm Feedback
  • Administration: Voting, Event Planning, Program Evaluations
  • Applications and Admissions: Student Applications, Registration Forms

[edit] Help

For additional help with Qualtrics, please contact your unit administrator listed at

You can also ask questions to the U-M Qualtrics community at U-M Qualtrics

[edit] Contribute to the Wiki

To contribute to the wiki, click "login with CoSign" at the top right to start editing.

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