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[edit] Create a panel

You can create a panel by manually entering data or by uploading an existing file.

  1. Select the Panel tab
  2. Select “ Create New Panel” on the right
  3. Assign and name the Panel
    • NOTE: To protect privacy of respondents, make sure the panel is not moved from the “My Panels” library.
    • If your panel is moved to the Group Panels “UMICH” library, all Qualtrics users in your brand will have the ability to access your panel data including panelist information and their response histories!!
  4. Select Panel by name from the left-hand column
  1. Import an entire Panel of names, emails etc. or add Panel members one by one

[edit] Monitor responses by panel users

  1. Responses can be monitored using the Panel Members icon under the Panels tab
  2. Click email address from Panel Member list
  3. Edit Panel members’ information and embedded data
  4. Click “History” next to panel member in Panel Member list to view emails received and responses made

[edit] Create a sample from your panel

You can generate a random sample of individuals from your panel, or choose individuals that fit certain criteria based on embedded data or previous history/sampling information

  1. Click the “Sample management” icon from the panels tab
  2. Create a sample name and choose the sample size.
  3. By default, all panel members are eligible for the sample. If you require specific criteria for an individual to be included in the sample, click “add a sample condition”. Multiple conditions can be specified.

[edit] Rename your panel

To rename your panel, click on the panel name. Click “Rename” next to the panel name.

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