Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) at The Ohio State University

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The Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) is a two week institute focused on the effective use of digital media in college composition classrooms.[1] It has been held annually at The Ohio State University each summer from 2006 to the present. Its predecessor, the Computers in Writing-Intensive Classrooms (CIWIC) institute, was held annually between 1985 and 2005. Participants receive graduate credit from The Ohio State University.[2]

DMAC participants study digital literacy, including alphabetic, visual, audio, and multimodal practices, and create digital projects. Participants may post at the DMAC Blog located at Other projects include "DMAC Theory" by Ryan Omizo at and David Coad's "The Possibilities of Multimodal Composition" at

At the 2015 Computers and Writing Conference, Danielle Nicole DeVoss, Cindy Selfe, Stephanie Vie, Julia Voss, Debra Journet, and Moe Folk offered a panel reflecting on the 30th anniversary of CIWIC/DMAC. Former participants and visiting DMAC scholars, current and former leaders of CIWIC and DMAC, and audience members reminisced about what the institute means for us personally, professionally, and for the field.

Two 2015 special issues of Computers and Composition: An International Journal[1] and Computers and Composition Online[3] offer retrospectives about CIWIC and DMAC and tie these reflections to larger issues of professional technology development in the field.

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