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[edit] Multiple Choice

[edit] Multiple or single answer

  • Single answer choices are shown with radio buttons
  • Multiple answer choices shown with check boxes
    • Validation option can be used to specify the minimum and maximum responses a person can select
    • Error message will be shown if they select too many or too few responses
  • Drop down menu offers single answer choice
  • Select box offers single answer choice
  • Multiple select box offers single answer choice
  • Arrange choices vertically, horizontally, in columns, drop-down list, or select box

[edit] Text entries allowable

  • Click in the text field of your choice
  • Select “Allow Text Entry” from the drop-down menu
  • Field for text entry will appear

[edit] Advanced Option

For Multiple Choice questions

Use this code in the CODE VIEW for the 'Allow Text Entry' option ('Other' boxes) on choices. Change "30" to a value of your choice.


.Skin .QuestionBody .TextEntryBox {




[edit] Adding graphics as choices

  • Click in the text field of your choice
  • Select “Insert Graphic” from drop-down menu

[edit] Choice order can be randomized

[edit] Matrix Table

Allows a series of identically structured questions to be presented as a group rather than individually  

[edit] Bipolar Scale Matrix Example

[edit] Likert Scale Matrix Example

  • Position of the vertical divider can be changed with a mouse drag left or right.
  • Lengthy statements can be condensed to one line instead of two
  • Vertical line spacing can influence the numerical values assigned to labels
    • The further the divider is moved to the right, the higher values will end up being
    • Instead of scoring Very Satisfied as 1, it may be scored as 4 and all following items will be scored as 5-10
    • To correct the scoring, use the Recode Values feature that can be found within the Advanced Options drop-down menu
  • An option for multiple answer Likert Matrix also exists
  • NOTE: Unlike for the standard multiple choice question, the validation option doesn’t appear
  • No way to control how many choices an individual may select

[edit] Matrix with drop-down lists

  • This option can be found under the heading “Profile drop-down list”
  • This question type is limited because the number of choices in the drop-down menu must be the same or fillers (--, x etc.) must appear when there are not enough actual choices to pull from one of the drop-down menus
  • Question type is not quite suitable for asking Month, day, year etc..Drill Down question better for that purpose

[edit] Rank Order Matrix

  • This question type can only be found under the Matrix category, not within the Rank Order type
  • This question type will require validation to ensure respondents enter the correct numbers
  • If respondents enter an invalid number or repeat numbers, they are given a red warning message
  • Respondents cannot continue the survey until they correct their errors in ranking

[edit] Text/Graphic Only

This type of question can be used to present information with collecting data. In order to insert a graphic or video:

  • Click on the question text
  • Go to the Rich Text Editor
  • Select Graphic or Video

[edit] Video Tips

How do I get videos to work in Qualtrics?

You will need to upload a video on a separate server and then copy the link into Qualtrics.

  1. Upload your video file to your server
  2. From the Question Text area, open the rich text editor
  3. Click on the film icon for videos
  4. Enter the URL of the video you uploaded

Mpeg4 (MP4) and Flash (FLV) files have worked well.

[edit] Video Customization

If you need to perform further customization of the videos, such as hiding the control bar, autoplay, etc., you will need to edit the SWF file in a program like Adobe Flash. Upload the SWF to your server update the HTML source code with the address of your SWF file.

Example code to add to HTML view:
<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height=300 width=600>

[edit] Where to upload

Youtube allows streaming of the video which bypasses the need for the participant to download the entire video before viewing. However, youtube may degrade the video quality and add advertisements.

Ctools allows you to create project sites and upload up to 1 GB of files. If you upload videos and “edit details so that the files are publicly viewable, you can copy the link to Qualtrics and the subjects can play them during the survey at high quality. The upload limit through the website interface is 50 MB per file, but you may be able to upload larger files through WebDAV "My Network Places" in Windows. Umich account holders can create multiple project sites.

Another option is to use someone's personal IFS space - the space given to all umich users - 10 GB limit. You can access this space through or other FTP programs. The shared link is accessible when the files are placed in the "public" folder. You may also purchase additional project space from the ITS accounts office if you require more space. 734-764-8000, Option 3, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday

[edit] Constant Sum

[edit] Draggable Bars

  • Often, only one item is listed and this question type is used as an alternative to the sliding scale question type
  • One drawback is that the Scale/Value cannot be hidden from the respondents

[edit] Constant Sum with or without Total

  • The total line and box at the bottom can be removed
  • Validation of the total can be required
  • NOTE: Graphics are coded numerically in the output according to the ID number assigned
  • To see which IDs correspond to which pictures
    • Open purple drop-down menu to the left of the question
    • Select More Advanced Options
    • View the “Choices” tab

[edit] Rank Order

  • Numerous options to allow respondents to rank their preferences
  • Randomization of choices to be ranked should be used to prevent order effects

[edit] Drag and Drop Rank Order Question

  • Instructions for the respondents may be necessary for this question as some may try simply double clicking on the numbers.
  • Once a row is selected it can be dragged and dropped to any location and moved multiple times

[edit] Radio Button Ranking

  • Even without the validation option selected, Qualtrics will prevent respondents from selecting the same numerical ranking for different items. Each selection overrides the previous one.
  • Validation option can be used to determine how many have to be ranked etc..

[edit] Manual Ranking

  • This question type will require validation to ensure respondents enter the correct numbers
  • If respondents enter an invalid number or repeat numbers, they are given a red warning message
  • Respondents cannot continue the survey until they correct their errors in ranking

[edit] Box Arrangement Ranking

  • Respondent must first highlight one choice and then move it to the desired location
  • Choices can be moved as many times as needed.

[edit] Define and Rank

  • Items can appear to be arranged in columns in edit mode. However, they will be lined straight across in the actual survey.
  • Vertical arrangement is best.
  • Validation requires that every item has a response and rank

[edit] Sliding Scale

  • Similar to constant sum but has rather silly graphics
  • Simple bar graphic with only a single-digit scale
  • “Gauges” which include a smiley face, pressure gauge, stop light etc..
  • Can position text to the side, up or below the scale
  • Numeric scale of this question too limited for many uses
  • Additional graphics for this type of question can be found in the Qualtrics graphic library

[edit] Side-by-side Matrix

  • Drop-down menu also an option for each portion of the question
  • In the output, the questions are treated separately. You can’t see all answers that apply to just one category (i.e. pizza) at once. Rather, you will see how one question was answered for each category.
  • One downside to side-by-side question is the difficulty enforcing any type of validation using it
  • Choosing validation will require respondents to answer ALL portions of the question
  • This example taken from Qualtrics demonstrates this problem. Validation for this question can’t be used because if “Never” is selected in the first question, then the next question isn’t even applicable and would have to be left blank. Similarly, requiring comments isn’t good practice.

[edit] Grouping

[edit] Drag and Drop into Predefined Categories

  • Items on the left-hand side can be randomized
  • Horizontal arrangement of category boxes can also be used
  • In data output file, each item will appear as own variable and show group value (0 or 1) or name

[edit] Group and Ranking Question

  • This question type allows the option of predefined groups or allows respondents to name the groups
  • When respondent places an item into the category, the numerical ranking for that item will appear
  • In data output file, two columns will appear for each item. One will indicate which group they were moved to; the other will indicate what the rank within the group was. If groups were respondent defined the name that corresponds to the group number will appear in the final columns
  • This question does not use drag and drop. An item must be highlighted and then an arrow button clicked to move the item to the desired group. Instructions may be needed.

[edit] Group and Ranking with Respondent-Defined Groups

  • When respondent selects the number of groups from the drop-down list, the appropriate number of boxes will appear to the right.
  • Respondent will then add a group name in each of the boxes.

[edit] Drill-down

  • Question requires downloading a .csv file that has columns with the feasible choices for each drop-down category
  • Selection made from one drop-down list impacts what appears on the next list
  • Drop-down boxes remain grey until a selection is made. Requires respondents to sequentially enter the information
  • NOTE: The “Force Response” validation link that normally appears to the right of questions is not currently visible when a Drill-down question is used. To access that feature, the Advanced Options link will have to be selected from the purple drop-down button to the left of the question.

[edit] Graphics Questions

[edit] Heat Map

  • Respondent clicks on location of a picture that grabs his/her attention the most the x/y coordinates of the site selected by a respondent are recorded heat map can be generated by summing the data points taken from all respondents
  • Redder areas indicate most visually interesting
  • Bluer areas indicate some visual interest

[edit] Hot Spot / Hotspot

  • Key areas of the picture are defined by the experimenter
  • Respondent highlights the areas with red or green overlay
  • Red signifies an area the respondent doesn’t like
  • Green indicates an area that the respondent likes

[edit] Advanced code

To hide the outline that appears when your mouse goes over the area on a hotspot question, paste the following code into the code view of the question:


.Skin .HotSpot .Region:hover{

border: 0px;


.Skin .HotSpot .Region:hover .RegionInner{

border: 0px;



The effects only manifest in the survey preview and actual survey sessions.

[edit] Respondent File Upload

This question type is available to some units in "Show All Question Types".

It consists of question text along with a space for respondents to "Browse" to upload a file.

[edit] Questions Add-Ons

[edit] Timer

  • Records how long respondent spends on one single page
  • Must be added on each page throughout entire survey for each page to be recorded
  • Respondents are blind to the timing feature. They see no indication of it.
  • Not a very sensitive measure of reaction time

[edit] MetaInfo Question

  • Records a variety of information from the web browser
  • Browser type, version, OS, screen res., flash version, Java Support, User agent
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